WISDOM SCHOOL Christogenesis: The Evolutionary Enfolding of Love

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WISDOM SCHOOL Christogenesis: The Evolutionary Enfolding of Love

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It is in the direction of the fullest that the truth lies.
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

The world, the entire universe, is an evolution---a genesis, to use Teilhard de Chardin’s turn of phrase---magnificently unfolding as it binds together the Cosmic, the Human, and the Christic. At our deepest level, we are invited to become co-creators in this on-going evolution of consciousness.

This experiential Wisdom School will offer an introduction to Teilhard’s thought and mysticism as well as contemporary insights bridging science and the Christian contemplative tradition. A Benedictine rhythm of embodied spiritual practice, study, silence, conscious work, and time in nature will offer a container for our own transformation.

Pre-requisite: an on-going commitment to spiritual practice.

Recommended, but not required: Introductory Level Wisdom School

Led by: Beth O'Brien

Thursday, August 15 7:00 pm - Sunday, August 18 lunch

Shalom Spirituality Center Dubuque, IA

$300 Commuter, includes all meals

$460 Residential, includes overnight lodging + all meals

Registration: download a form at top of page and mail with a check OR pay on-line below